Buck: Exit Codes

Exit Codes

These exit codes are returned from a Buck command to the shell when the command exits.

0SUCCESSThe command returned successfully. No errors. No warnings.
1BUILD_ERRORBuild resulted in a non-specific user error.
2BUSYBuck daemon is busy processing another command. For more information, see Buck Daemon (buckd).
3COMMANDLINE_ERRORIncorrect user-supplied command-line options. For more information, see Common Parameters or the topic page for the specific command that you executed.
4NOTHING_TO_DONothing to build or evaluate for the specified command.
5PARSE_ERRORError in parsing the build file or in constructing the target or action graph.
6RUN_ERRORFailure while running a binary or installing a binary on a device. For more information, see buck run.
10FATAL_GENERICGeneric non-recoverable internal error.
11FATAL_BOOTSTRAPNon-recoverable error in Buck bootstrapper.
12FATAL_OOMNon-recoverable out-of-memory (OOM) error.
13FATAL_IOGeneric non-recoverable I/0 error.
14FATAL_DISK_FULLNo space on storage device.
32TEST_ERRORTest run had user-specific test errors. For more information, see buck test.
64TEST_NOTHINGThere were no tests to run. For more information, see buck test.
130SIGNAL_INTERRUPTCommand was interrupted (Ctrl + C)