Buck: apple_bundle()


This is liable to change in the future.

An apple_bundle() rule takes an Apple binary and all of the resources and asset catalogs in the rule's transitive dependencies and generates a bundle containing all of those files. Optionally the generated bundle can also be signed using specified provisioning profiles.

Code signing will embed entitlements pointed to by the CODE_SIGN_ENTITLEMENTS entry ininfo_plist_substitutions. If an entitlements file is omitted, it will be derived based on the entitlements of the selected provisioning profile. Provisioning profiles will be selected from profiles pointed to by apple.provisioning_profile_search_path, based on a non-expired profile that matches the bundle id and entitlements.


  • name (required) #

    The name of the rule.

  • deps (defaults to []) #

    A list of dependencies of this bundle as build targets. You can embed application extensions by specifying the extension's bundle target. To include a WatchKit app, append the flavor #watch to the target specification. Buck will automatically substitute the appropriate platform flavor (either watchsimulator or watchos) based on the parent.

  • product_name (required) #

    The name of the resulting bundle and binary. The setting behaves like PRODUCT_NAME Xcode build setting. For example, if your rule is named "MyApp" and extension is "app", by default buck will generate MyApp.app bundle. But if you will set product name to "SuperApp", bundle will get "SuperApp.app" name.

  • extension (required) #

    The extension of the generated bundle. For example 'app' for an application bundle or 'appex' for an application extension bundle.

  • binary (required) #

    A build target identifying an apple_binary() rule or an apple_library() rule whose output will be used as the main executable binary of the generated bundle. The required rule type depends on the value in the extension attribute. For example, application bundles expect a binary (e.g. '//Apps/MyApp:MyApp'), application extension bundles expect a shared library (e.g. '//Libraries/MyLibrary:MyLibrary#shared').

  • info_plist (required) #

    A path to an Info.plist file that will be placed in the bundle. The specified file will be processed by substituting variable names with their values (see info_plist_substitutions for more information).

  • info_plist_substitutions (defaults to {}) #

    A dictionary that assigns variable names to their values. It is used for variable substitution when processing the file specified in info_plist. For example if this argument is set to {'VAR': 'MyValue'}, then each occurrence of $(VAR) or ${VAR} in the file will be replaced by MyValue.

  • tests (defaults to []) #

    List of build targets that identify the test rules that exercise this target. Note that non apple_test targets will not be included in generated projects due to Xcode's limitations but will still work with buck test.

  • visibility (defaults to []) #

    List of build target patterns that identify the build rules that can include this rule in its deps.

  • licenses (defaults to []) #

    Set of license files for this library. To get the list of license files for a given build rule and all of its dependencies, you can use buck query.

  • labels (defaults to []) #

    Set of arbitrary strings which allow you to annotate a build rule with tags that can be searched for over an entire dependency tree using buck query attrfilter.


  name = 'AppBundle',
  binary = ':MyBinary',
  extension = 'app',
  info_plist = 'Info.plist',
# iOS app with embedded WatchOS 2.0 app/extension
  name = 'DemoWatchAppExtension',
  binary = ':DemoWatchAppExtensionBinary',
  extension = 'appex',
  info_plist = 'WatchExtension/Resources/Info.plist',

  name = 'DemoWatchApp',
  binary = ':DemoWatchAppBinary',
  deps = [':DemoWatchAppResources', ':DemoWatchAppExtension'],
  extension = 'app',
  info_plist = 'WatchApplication/Info.plist',

  name = 'DemoApp',
  binary = ':DemoAppBinary',
  deps = [':DemoWatchApp#watch'],
  extension = 'app',
  info_plist = 'Info.plist',